Miniature Landscapes Painting Workshop

One of a kind workshops, think about beautiful landscape painted on a small piece of paper. This workshop has it all!

A beginners workshop by Rockefellers of Art at The Garage Project, Sainikpuri on this Sunday.

This is a 2 hours workshop on miniature landscapes painting. Scroll down to know more about the artist!

– Colour theory
– Scale
– Proportion
– Watercolour mixing techniques
– Detailing
– Brush techniques

Fee – Rs.1200 per head (Material Included)

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About Artist:

Interior designing student, Artist and a singer A. Sravani otherwise as her art alias Vipra Ridhi has been painting since the time she gained consciousness.

After working with acrylics, pens and colour pencils and watercolours, and big canvases from 4’ length she has found interest in using watercolours and acrylics as her medium has settled on to intricate miniature painting sizing form the smallest of 3” length, she believes that we often forget to realise or ignore the small minute details of the world that are beyond our eyes she wants her viewers to pause and try to find the hidden beauty in the nature around them through her miniature paintings, that will surprise you thinking how much a small paper can fit, also collaborates with a different artist through her page to encourage
the thinking of collaborating always leads to something new and innovative, some of her works include, 


Landscapes, floral art, fauna, skeleton series (‘life afterlife’).


Recently she introduced a new series called ‘ORGANIC’ which binds you with the natural elements of the world.


Venue Address: The Garage Project

Door No. 1-4-200/109/C/B, Easwaripuri Colony, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad, Telangana 500094

Phone: +91 – 90522 20410

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